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Module 1 - Christian Foundation

This introductory Module emphasizes basic foundations of the Christian Faith. It deals elaborately with the Kingdom of God, its peculiarities, lifestyle and unique dynamics. We are born into a family and a Kingdom all belonging to our heavenly Father who has apportioned responsibilities to every member of His Kingdom family. This Module will help students develop a global perspective to the gospel of Jesus and find their place in the structure of its development and growth. The person of Jesus Christ and the Word of God are also core to this Module.

Module 2 - Personal Spiritual Development & Application

This module is essentially geared at the student’s personal spiritual development. Emphasis is laid on equipping you with the knowledge, tools and revelations of scripture to grow your faith, mature you and help with the spiritual knowhow necessary for thriving on earth as a believer and to consistently win against the kingdom of darkness. All power channels made available by the Father to the saints are explored in deep details. The practicality of their operations are brought to bear in a bid to challenge students to not just walk and operate in them, but also to impact their immediate and extended environment through the demonstration of the power of the Gospel of Jesus. Satan’s kingdom is also exposed in this module.

Module 3 - Kingdom Mandate

Module 3 is the “GO” catalogue. It gives practical tools to students to help with planning and executing soul winning and kingdom expansion outreaches; what to look forward to whenever and wherever they go to advertise Jesus. It help students, both novices and experienced soul winners, to plan and execute effective soul winning endeavors with signs wonders and miracles showcasing the reality of the Gospel of Jesus. The uniqueness of the flows of the anointing of the Holy Spirit is also looked into in some depth