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School of Ministry


CMAN School of Ministry

The CMAN School of Ministry is a practical e-learning experience designed to equip those who have a burning desire to be intimate with God, get further grounded in the Word and desire to be used of God as agents of light in this dark world. It is for those who seek to enrich their faith and are ready to surrender to a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Explore the Features of CMAN School Of Ministry

Live Classes

Online classes are live and real-time. This affords students the opportunity to engage with their seasoned instructors, lecture content materials and classmates globally. This is done using contemporary technology accessible to all.

Groups and Forum

Students will be formed into groups that cuts across international boundaries during their course. They will have the opportunity to study the Scriptures, pray and make life long friends with their colleagues. Besides, all students who obtain CSoM certificates automatically belong to the Alumni forum, a platform to share thoughts on scriptures, ministry and other Christian peculiarities.

All students and Alumni has access to a virtual library of rear e-books, videos, audio books and other e-learning materials for their spiritual and personal development.

Course Certificates

When you complete requirements for each course, you will receive a beautiful certificate that can be framed and proudly displayed in your home or office.


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Students Testimonies

I enrolled in C-MAN School of Ministry to experience God in a higher dimension and to also build my walk with God. Before I started, I was passionate about having an in-depth knowledge and understanding my identity in Christ but my passionate grew stronger and a great fire of revival was kindled in me by the end of the class because of the lessons I learnt and how independent PK want us to be in our walk with God. Now, I live daily with a great sense of purpose and identity in Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to be taught the word of God through CMAN - School of Ministry

Abigael Akintola

The school of ministry for me was indeed a training ground. I was able to learn and apply so much. My life hasn’t been the same. The way pastor PK and every teacher was able to teach and break down the word was amazing. It’s a must attend if you really want to grow! It’s definitely a life changing experience and school.

Aramide Ojebode.